Boss Plows

Boss Plows are the best for Winter

Boss Plows are the best for Winter

Check out our South Paris, ME shop for the best of Boss Plows.

Boss Plows of Western Maine has everything you need to whether the next storm. Here in the northwest, our snow storms are no joke. That's why we carry the best line of top quality Boss Plows for all of your winter needs. We have all of the best inventory right here in our shop in South Paris, ME.

Trying to control the snow, ice, or treat the ground to make sure your family, friends, and roads are ready for one of the most exciting seasons our great state has to offer. If you have any questions, call 207-744-9835 for more information.

Whatever plow or spreader you need, we are here to help

We have the winter accessories that will help you get the job done after the next winder storm. Here at our store in South Paris, ME we have:

  • DXT Plows
  • EXT Plows
  • Drag Pro
  • HTX Plows
  • Super-Duty Plows
  • VBX Spreaders
  • Tailgate Spreaders
  • And more!